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Arbeitsgruppe Review 2006

In keeping with the principles of better regulation, the five European Parliament (EP) and Council Directives that make up the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications have to be reviewed periodically, with first time review taking place before July 2006.

The five directives are:

  • Framework Directive (2002/21/EC)
  • Authorisation Directive (2002/20/EC)
  • Access Directive (2002/19/EC)
  • Universal Service Directive (2002/22/EC)
  • Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58/EC)

During 2006, the Commission also intends to review the Commission Recommendation on relevant markets that complements the above mentioned Directives. The Recommendation identifies 18 markets that may be susceptible to ex-ante regulation, upon which national regulatory authorities conduct their market analyses under Article 16 of the Framework Directive. Further information about this procedure can be found in the Commission Communication on Market Reviews under the EU Regulatory framework.

Article 8 of Directive 2002/77/EC is also being reviewed as part of this exercise.


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