Arthur D. Little - Mobile Broadband Wireless Report 2004

WiMAX vs. WiWAIT: Will Mobile Also Dominate Broadband?

Part 1: The Dynamic MBWA Market:

1.1. What is MBWA?
1.2. Key Drivers of Demand for MBWA
1.3 Services over MBWA
1.4 MBWA Decives
1.5 A Comparison with 3G Mobile Systems

Part 2: MBWA Solutions

2.1. Proprietary and Standards-Based MBWA Solutions
2.2 Evaluating MBWA Solutions (Capacity, Coverage, Spectrum, Cost, Degree of Commercialisation, Additional Issues to Consider)

Part 3: Challenges Faced by Industry Players

Strategic Challenge #1 - What is the best approach to take with the national regulators to either enable or block the deployment of MBWA technologies?
Strategic Challenge #2 - Is there sufficient demand of services delivered over MBWA in order to justify the necessary investment?
Strategic Challenge #3 - Given the current and expected availability and cost of various MBWA solutions, when is the right time to invest in MBWA?

Part 4: Selected Case Studies

Part 5: Conclusion: WiMAX vs. WiWAIT?

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