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traffic data retention

DG Information Society and DG Justice and Home Affairs have launched a public consultation on the issue of traffic dataretention. They also plan to hold a public workshop on this matter on 21 September 2004, in Brussels.

This is part of the open consultation process indicated by the Commission in its Communication of 16 June 2004 (see e.g.COM 2004(429)).

The intention is to identify and discuss existing data retention practices for both business and law enforcement purposes inthe EU Member States, and to address the extent of the need for, and the possible characteristics of, an EU-wide regimeofdata retention for law enforcement purposes.

The results of this consultation will be taken into account in the further development of the position of the Commissionservices in this area, including in relation to the proposal for a Council framework decision ondata retention tabled by fourMember States following the EuropeanCouncil Declaration on combating terrorism of 25 March 2004 .

TheCommission services would welcome written contributions on the issues raised inthe present consultation document. Contributions should be addressed to INFSO B.1 and JAI D.2 at the following addresses:infso-b1 (a) and jai-eujai-eu-forum-organised-crime (a) (a)