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Project background

The latest generation of digital natives is growing up with mobile phones, internet & Co, and is also rapidly developing an instinctive approach to all things concerning internet and digital media. However, the young users are often overwhelmed. They need appropriate media education and child-friendly support during the process of acquiring their digital competences. In our daily work, we strive to provide resources and know-how for young people, educators and, of course, parents as well, but especially for the youngest target group of 4 to 9-year-olds as those are the ones who need support and guidance using the internet.

The children's book is therefore aimed at the youngest users of kindergarden, preschool and primary schools. Its intent is to teach children about the internet in a playful way. Also the aim is to raise awareness concerning early media education. Author Daniela Drobna and illustrator Achmed Abdel-Salam have developed a great story, which which teaches kids in a playful and age-appropriate way about the internet and its possible challenges.


The Online Zoo is not an ordinary zoo. At this zoo, not only Director Elsa goes online; the animals are using the internet as well. Smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops are part of daily life at the zoo. During her daily tour around the zoo, Director Elsa discovers that the internet and all the electronic devices can cause challenges. Panda Paul is being cybermobbed by the hyaena, giraffe Greta accidentally ordered stuffed animals on the internet and monkey Maurice can't stop playing with his smartphone. Will Director Elsa be able to help all the animals?

Author and illustrator

Mag. phil. Daniela Drobna, Bakk. phil.

Daniela Drobna was born in Bratsilava in 1988 and has been living in Vienna since 1991. She holds a degree in German language and literature studies and communication studies, focusing on media literacy and digital media. Her literary work was awarded with several awards, for her first novel she was awarded with the Literature Grant by the Austrian Ministry of Culture. Her latest awards are the Mira Lobe scholarship for children’s and youth literature by the Federal Chancellery and the screenplay award by the Austrian panel for screenplay. Since 2018 she is teaching at the institute for art of language at the University for applied art. Her new novel “Als die Kirche den Fluss überquerte” is published in 2018 by Piper. Didi has been working full-time in the IT-industry for years.

Achmed Abdel-Salam, BA

Independent screenwriter, director and actor. Born in 1983  in Vienna, Achmed Abdel-Salam discovered his passion for storytelling in his childhood. His first self -shot screenplays lead him to the Filmakademie in Vienna, where he is currently following a Master's degree in screenwriting and dramatic theory. In 2013 he was awarded with the Carl Mayer award for his motion picture-treatment, in 2014 he received a scholarship by Literar Mechana. In 2017 he was chosen for the Young Leaders Fellowship by the Tokyo Foundation. Achmed is currently working on several film projects.

Translations Online-Zoo

The children's book The Online-Zoo was translated in several languages. It is available in German as a hardcopy and in these ten languages as an electronic version: