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Washington, DC: FOSI International Online Safety Conference and Exhibition

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03.12.2007, ganztägig
Logo Washington, DC: FOSI International Online Safety Conference and Exhibition

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NewseumPennsylvania Ave , Washington, DC, USA


in assosciation with The Aspen Institute

Free Speech and Child Protection in a Web 2.0 World

This annual, international gathering devoted to the burgeoning field of online safety, will gather together the very best thinkers, the most innovative technologies, the most effective educators and the most enlightened legislators from around the world for a conference, exhibition and evening reception. The purpose is to raise awareness of the extraordinary challenges facing parents, teachers, industry leaders, legislators and the kids themselves of our new digital world, while highlighting a range of evolving solutions.

The conference will be open to the media and we will seek the top, international speakers, moderators and panelists in a variety of fields. We will approach the leading US Presidential candidates who have spoken on this subject as well as leaders from the European Union, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries that have taken important steps in this area.