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ISP Future Content Models & Enforcement Strategies

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07.07.2008, ganztägig
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Holiday InnLondon Kensington Forum, Cromwell Road 97, SW7 3DN London, UK

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London Business Conference

ISP Future Content Models & Enforcement Strategies 2008 is a crucial summit bringing together key ISPs with global Content Providers to examine the formulation of new and innovative business models for creating a legitimate content offering on the internet. An unique, European benchmarking opportunity, this summit examines the latest on regulation in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to understand how to overcome the legal, technical and financial barriers posed by regulation, and importantly, how this can be done in a cost-efficient and timely way. Hear solutions from leading ISPs and regulators, including the UK, France, Sweden, the US and Canada.

Attend this Summit to:

  • Examine new services and innovative technologies to generate new forms of content, but in a safe and accountable manner
  • Understand collaborative partnerships between ISPs and Content Providers to establish effective business models and share revenues fairly
  • Evaluate the future benefits and costs of key technologies including filtering, copyright protection technology and DRM
  • Learn the latest on regulatory measures in the UK and Europe to identify timelines and who will bear the costs