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EU Spam Symposium 2007

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24.05.2007, ganztägig
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FH Technikum WienHöchstädtplatz 5, 1200 Wien


The EU Spam Symposium, European forum in the field of (anti)spam, discusses the latest issues related to the spam problem in the world. A variety of technological, jurisdictional, and commercial aspects are covered. Also, the psychological part behind the spam world is highlighted by an ex-spammer!

Speakers come from Australia, United States, Mexico, Germany, Canada, France, and the UK. This will make the event a special and appealing occasion, and stresses its international character and variety.

We offer ISPA PARTICIPANTS 70% DISCOUNT (EUR 49,50 instead of EUR 165) for which they can attend the whole program (dinner included)! The discount, when subscribing at the website, can be received with the discount voucher "ISPA". Moreover, you are allowed to bring up to 2 guests that can enter with the same discount voucher!