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About ISPA

ISPA (Internet Service Providers Austria) is the Austrian association of Internet Service Providers, representing approximately 200 ISPs offering access/ content/ services. ISPA was founded in 1997.

ISPA is the major voice of the Austrian Internet industry. Our goal is to shape the economic and legal framework supporting the optimal development of the Internet and Internet services. We regard the use of the Internet as an important social skill and acknowledge the resulting socio-political responsibilities.

Current President is Dr. Andreas Koman

Secretary General is Dr. Maximilian Schubert

For further informations or questions please contact office (a) ispa.at.




Stopline is the online contact point for people who come across the following illegal content on the Internet:

  • Child pornography
  • National Socialist Offences

Founded in 1998, Stopline’s main task is the removal of this illegal content from the Internet, especially with regard to publications in Austria. It is operated as a commitment of ISPA and recognised and authorised by the public authorities.

For a successful international approach, Stopline is a member of the worldwide hotline network INHOPE.

ISPA - Internet Service Providers Austria | 1090 Wien, Währingerstrasse 3/18 | T +43 1 409 55 76 | office (a) ispa.at


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